Omega Chapter

Mr. Dammie Yesudhas

Brother Netflix

Major: Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering

Line Crossed: Fall 2011

Classification: Alumni

"The first thing people think of when remembering Dammie was how cheerful he was. He came off as someone who did not have a care in the world. That barely scratches the surface with him. He was a genius, he had goals, and he was on his way to reach each and everyone of those goals while setting the bar higher for anyone than it ever was before. As much as he valued knowledge, he was an athlete as well. Everything was a competition and he had the drive to finish it and come out on top. As he excelled in everything else, his character was one to remember. As confident as he was, his humility knew no bounds. Always treating others with the respect he wanted in return." - Kishan Patel, Brother "ATOM", Fall 11


Mr. Jobin Kuriakose

Brother Ambition

Major: Political Sciences and Business

Line Crossed: Spring 2013

Classification: Undergraduate

"The man. The legend. The life of the party. This gentleman was the whole package. With big dreams, Jobin had just as many successes as he did failures, but he took those failures as lessons to learn from. Never did he look back and regret anything he did. He had set out many ambitions and goals for himself, one of which was to join Sigma Beta Rho in the Spring of 2013.  Many of the aspirations he had for the organization were set by the man himself, and we proudly carry on his traditions until this day. He is a legend. He is the man." - Brian Coelho, Brother "Strix", Spring 2013


Mr. Imtiyaz Jim Ilias

Brother RODNAC

Major: Public Health & Nursing

Line Crossed: Fall 2013

Classification: Alumni

There was so much to remember about Jim, but one of my most unforgettable things about him was his ability to instantly connect with a stranger, which typically resulted in an everlasting friendship. Jim always strived to be the best, but continued to stay humble throughout most of his life. I remember the first time visiting his house, walking into his bedroom, and seeing his bed filled with awards and accolades which he received throughout his life. Not once did he ever mention these awards to any of us. He was always striving to better himself and live life to the fullest, and the most fun it could be. He truly enjoyed his life. Other than being hardworking, Jim was heavy on family. His family meant more to him than anything. Countless times I would see him calling his little sister on the phone just to talk to her and tell her he loved her. Jim was amazing. We’ll never forget is famous tag line, “Ring Ring Ring, but I never call back.”  - Sezan Hossain "Parachor" - Fall 13


Mr. Ankeet Patel

Brother Facetious

Major: Finance

Line Crossed: Fall 2013

Classification: Alumni

"He had a smile that was very contagious and lit up the whole room. If anyone ever knew Ankeet , that's one of the first things they would say about him. One of the most selfless people that you'll ever come across. Any time any one of us needed anything, he'd laugh and be there to assist us in our time. Words cannot describe this mans peaceful outlook on life and it is very hard to come across someone as innocent and as pure as Ankeet. The inspiration to our smile and the person that always taught us to keep a positive outlook on any situation." - Dheeraj Mahbubani "Priceline", Fall 2013