Σ - Society: Refers to the responsibility to serve the community in which one lives.

B - Brotherhood: The invincible bond that is shared between the members of the fraternity.

P - Remembrance: Respect and appreciation for one's own culture and those of others.

Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance: the three pillars of our distinguished fraternity. We, as brothers of Sigma Beta Rho, strive to uphold these fundamental ideals throughout our everyday lives. Day in and Day out, we endeavor to consistently model our organization according to the principles set forth by these pillars. 

Sigma Beta Rho fosters the belief that individuals have a responsibility to the society to which we belong. We understand that it is a privilege to be part of the University of South Florida community and take advantage of its several resources, and therefore it is our basic duty to give back to our campus and surrounding community.

Although brotherhood is a necessary component of any fraternity, the brothers of Sigma Beta Rho take this concept to new heights. We are able to forge an intimate relationship and connect on a personal level than larger organizations because we like to keep our numbers relatively small. In addition to our strong intra-chapter unity, our brotherhood extends beyond the campus of USF. We believe an integral aspect of maintaining national and regional unity involves making regular road trips to other chapters. This bonding activity is by far one of the favorite of our brothers. These frequent trips allow us to meet out-of-chapter brothers and form bonds with them similar to the ones we share amongst our own chapter. Upon arrival to any of our other chapters, we can count on being treated with the utmost hospitality, with brothers regularly sacrificing their own beds for our comfort and always showing us a great time. A true brotherhood is one that involves more than fun and games. When someone is in their time of need, those who step up to aid them can be called their true brothers.

You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from.

This quote symbolizes the idea behind our third pillar, Remembrance. To us, remembrance means keeping a constant reminder of those who came before and the sacrifices they made.

SIGMA Society | BETA Brotherhood | RHO Remembrance
These pillars we live by, these pillars we die by.